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Hairpin Lace Stole

I have finally got my S*&$ together and will be starting to post to our page regularly.   Jason and I started this project a few years ago when we started dating.  We realized that we were both dorks that loved doing things the old way and went for it.  This company is a collaborative effort to keep the folk arts alive.  We love creativity and tend to live for our crafts.  I hope you enjoy our site and look forward to meeting you all!

Hirpin Lace Scarf

Simple Hairpin Lace Scarf.






My works are all made by myself.  Most of them are a combined project of yarn  that I hand spun then knitted/crocheted.   I was disciplined to do both at a young age.  I use a wide variety of materials.  Mostly what I can get my hands on, and I have a number of friends with farms.  I leave all my animal fibers 100% natural and am being told by the man that I have entirely too much Alpaca.




Spinning at SOFA, September 2017

Spinning at SOFA (2017) with my modern wheel and my wheel winder.  It was HOT as HELL, thank all the Gods for Champagne!!

I also spin just about everywhere, including the Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil even in Troy, Ohio that is held every September.  I made sure this year I was busy and not trudging around looking at blacksmith tools all day.  There is only so many power hammers one woman can see in one day!



I have 3 wheels and used to have a beautiful drop spindle, given to me by my incredibly talented sister, Kathy Litts, until my “canine destruction system” found it.

RIDDICK and VAKKO. My babies!!

The big guy’s name is Riddick and he tends to get very jealous when Mama spends time with anyone or anything more than she spends loving on him, thus the end of my drop spindle career.




My Carding Paddles and Castle Wheel



My carding paddles, ritual bowl and Castle Wheel.




Shetland/Silk blend
3ply wool blend.







Fun purple wool blend.  One of my (get off your ass and spin) first projects.  It had been a few years before life moved over and let me get back to my string obsession!









The Beautiful Melissa Stewart, wearing my Deep Blue Sea Scarf.


Black Spider Shawl




I did this one a few years ago and sold it instantly.  Thinking of doing a few more!


Tribal Bug Belt



I have been belly dancing for many years.  I decided to start making my own gear, because it was too expensive to buy.  This belt is one of my favorites!


Spider Shrug





This is my beautiful daughter Hannah!

I made this shrug for dancers.  It can also be worn as a simple scarf.

Hannah Grey Sweater







Thank you Hannah!  I made my cold kid this hairpin sweater.  She hates the winter, but loves very BoHo cool hippy stuff!







So there you have it!  Please visit our store for my current projects.  Since everything we sell is made by US and for YOU, I post as product is completed.  I tend to make projects for ALL shapes and sizes, so if you want a DANCE BELT that FITS just give me a shout!


Rowan Canterbury