Open Forge

Note: Open Forge at the West Side location is on indefinate Hiatus. Please check the WRABA website for the other locations.

Open Forge is hosted in Jason’s personal workshop every Monday evening from 5PM to 9PM. ¬†Open Forge was started in conjunction with WRABA to provide opportunity for people to try their hand at¬†blacksmithing, provide shop space for new members of the club, as well as to provide a weekly chance for club members to socialize.

WRABA also hosts 2 other open forge sessions, Tuesdays are in Burton, OH, and Thursdays in Southington, OH (near Warren) check the WRABA website for details .

Open Forge runs completely through donations, and the occassional fundraiser. Space can be somewhat limited, so please be willing to share anvils and tools with other participants.

For more information and shop location, call Jason @ 216-609-9250