Blacksmith Classes

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One day classes

Introduction to Blacksmithing $175
This one day class will provide a very basic understanding of forging principles, building and controlling the fire, heating/forging steel, tool selection and use and a variety of other topics. Students will become familiar with the 7 fundamental forging processes of  drawing out, upsetting, bending, cutting, punching, shrinking, and welding. These processes will be demonstrated by the instructor, and the student will have an opportunity to attempt them. All tools and materials are furnished. Student can expect to make simple projects such as hooks and nails.

Beginning Blacksmithing $175
This beginning class in the art of blacksmithing requires enthusiasm and determination, as this class builds upon what students learned in an introductory class. Basic skills will be covered in depth through both lecture and as students forge projects of their own or their instructor’s design. Students will become proficient in the basics of drawing, punching, cutting, upsetting, and bending steel.  It is assumed that student has taken introduction to blacksmithing or equivalent. Student can expect to make things such as pick up tongs, chisels, punches,  key fobs, bottle openers, or maybe a fire rake.

Beginning Bladesmithing $175
Using the hand-cranked blower, coal forge and anvil this knifemaking class will include general techniques such as design, forging, heat treating and finishing for the beginner. It is highly suggested that students have completed Introduction to Blacksmithing course or equivalent. All tools and materials will be furnished. Students will forge and finish an integrated handle “patch knife” during this class.

Forge Welding Class $175
*Prerequisite: Beginning Blacksmithing or equivalent experience
In this very focused study into forge welding, Students will learn: how to prepare a fire specifically for forge welding, Flux choices, scarfing techniques, the difference between cosmetic and structural forge welds, various types of forge welds such as bundle welds and drop tong welds. Student should leave this class a competent forge welder.  Student will make a forge welded fireplace poker or similar project utilizing forge welds.

Hammer Making $200
*Prerequisite: Physical ability to use a sledge hammer.
Arguably the most important tool in a blacksmith’s arsenal, every smith should know how to make his or her own. Students will be introduced to proper striking technique, working with top tools and large billets of tools steel to make their own hammer, as well as academically learning how to make the tools needed to forge one. Time allowing, the student will also have the opportunity to make a few of the tools needed to forge hammers.

*Two day classes:

Cable Damascus Forge Welding Class $350
*Prerequisite: Beginning Blacksmithing
Students will learn Coal Fire preparation techniques specifically for forge welding. Flux choices will be described. Cable will be forge welded into a square billet (solid bar). Using the square billet, student will leave with their choice of a rough-forged knife blank or a Frederic Cross. If time allows, Finish Grinding can be done.

Three day classes:

Blacksmith Projects $500
Increase your skills using the hand-cranked blower, coal forge and anvil. Explore techniques to create accessories and equipment for the home and hearth. This three day class will include building a three piece fireplace tool set. Techniques in leaf and other decorative designs will be presented. Previous blacksmith experience is necessary. All tools and materials are furnished.

Forge Construction $600
In this three day class the student will design and build a propane forge. Techniques will include measuring, designing, cutting and welding. We will cover construction methods and build a propane forge. Student will leave with a gas forge ready to hook to a propane tank, and all of the knowledge to make more. All tools and materials are furnished for forge construction only.  Also available coal forge version.

Beginning Knifemaking $550
Expect to make a knife from start to finish. Forge and heat treat a blade, forge the guard and pommel, and handle the blade with the material of your choosing. This class is for the student who wants to learn all of the aspects of making a complete knife from forging, to grinding, furniture and handling, making sheaths, and all other relevant matters. some previous experience with forging  is helpful, but not required. We suggest beginning bladesmithing as a good idea.

Scroll Working $500
This three day class offers the intermediate to advanced student general techniques involved in scroll work design, jig construction, and measuring. The student will make and use scroll tongs to complete their scroll designs. All tools and materials are furnished.

Coal Fire Fun $500
Fascinated with fire?! How about tapering, twisting and drifting with your instructor close by. We will also attempt the amazing feat of forge welding. No experience required. This is a free form class That will allow you to craft the items you want with the instructor’s assistance and expertise. Tools and materials furnished.

Apprentice in a Box $550
You will appreciate this class even if you have only little or no experience in blacksmithing or other metal work. This three day class is designed to provide a complete basic understanding of forging principles, from building and working the coal fire to heating and forging steel, tool selection and use. Expect to make and finish several styles of hooks, and other small but functional ironware pieces as you forge your way to competency with all of the various procedures used in blacksmithing.

Five day classes :

Tools to Make Tools $1000
*Prerequisite: Physical ability to use a sledge hammer.
Students will learn to make a wide variety of the tools used in blacksmithing, Hammers, Hot Cuts,Fullers, Flatters, Tongs, Swages, Hardy Tools, Punches, Drifts, and Chisels. Student will also take away a modest, but full tool set to get a proper start building their own shop.

Blacksmith Advanced Projects $900
A good foundation in basic skills (smithing for at least a year or have had several classes) is a prerequisite for this advanced class. Forging of several parts to dimension and joining them to make a finished project will be accomplished during this five day class. Typical projects have included sign brackets, coffee tables, and pot racks. If you wish to start with your own idea; develop a design and type of joinery to be used, make a scale drawing, and plan a materials list (sizes, cut lengths, rivets, etc) before the class. Send drawing to instructor 30 days prior to class. If you do not wish to use your own design your instructor will select a project for the class. You may register for this class just for one week, or register for two weeks to continue your project. Tools are furnished.

Homestead Blacksmithing $950
This class will provide the student with skills and techniques using the coal forge to design and make ironware suitable for the décor and personality of a log home. A blending of the physical and the imagination in this ancient craft will be explored. Projects include several types and sizes of hooks, herb racks, pokers, shovels, hoes, and log home accessories.