So many people today believe that life is lived through a screen.  We see incredible things and learn about them, but imagine stepping out of the comfort zone and DOING what you imagine.

Hammer and Thistle Forge is a company designed to be small enough to slip through the cracks of technology and extend a hand to those that are adventurous enough to try.   YES you can learn to be a blacksmith.  If you contemplate it, all the blacksmiths you have even seen had to start somewhere.  So can you.

Hammer and Thistle produces ornamental iron, historical pieces, (Primarily Viking and Celtic), modern smith art, and more.  We are very enthusiastic about coming up with the next crazy idea that makes like simpler, and a products that actually last, and we mean last!


Knitting, Crochet, Hairpin Lace, we do it!  Do you depend on the fashion industry to dictate what you wear?  Well your days of consumer slavery are OVER.  Our softer side offers classes in both Knitting and Crocheting, and we assure you, it is much easier than you may have once thought.

Why learn something from Youtube when you can actually get all the neat tricks of the trade?  Learn to make all your gifts and give friends and family a truly one of a kind heirloom treasure.